Depaz Blue Cane Rhum
Rhum Redefined

Heralding from the paradise isle of Martinique in the lush French West Indies, Depaz is born from the rhum agricole method of production and features the exclusive use of luxurious estate-grown fresh cut blue cane. Rum Agricole remains the most expensive production process and the amazing rhum that results is treasured by knowledgeable mixologists and connoisseurs around the world. This agricultural rum production process is initiated by the spring harvest of the cane and begins with pure sugar cane juice. The blue cane of Depaz is the world's most coveted cane based on its extraordinary sugar level and flavor profile. It's not surprising that Rum Agricole production enjoys enormous parallels to fine wine production and is the only style of rhum created at the Depaz Estate.

The storied production of rum Agricole (agricultural rum) represents only 3% of the world's rum. Rum brands using less expensive sugar derivatives in their production process, such as molasses, often have few if any time constraints to deal with. Such brands represent the remaining 97% of the world's rum, which is classified as industrial rum.

Depaz Blue Cane Amber Rhum is estate produced in limited quantities and proudly holds the enviable French AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) designation, confirming its strict adherence to precise standards of excellence. The Depaz Estate history can be traced back to 1651 when it was established by the premier governor Jacques Duparquet.

Cane Matters - Blue Cane Harvest

Depaz's signature ingredient is estate-produced blue cane. Considered the costliest and most difficult cane to grow, Depaz Estate blue cane delivers the ideal balance of sugars for maximum flavor and character delivering a superb fl ora nose and a smooth, flavorful and refined character to the rhum. Even within Martinique, very few locations are suited to produce blue cane at the quality level and quantity necessary for developing a luxury rhum.

Rhum Agricole

Rhum agricole (agricultural rhum), deemed to be the world's most expensive rhum production process, represents only 3% of the worlds rhum production unlike industrial rum, which can be produced at any time in any place. Industrial rum uses less expensive sugar derivatives such as molasses, where agricultural rhum is a seasonal production cycle initiated by the spring harvest of the cane. The fresh cut blue cane of Depaz rhum is harvested and then rushed to the Depaz Estate distillery where it is crushed and the pure cane juice is extracted. Similar in approach to a wine grape harvest which takes place in the fall, the rhum agricole harvest runs from February to May.

Mount Pelée

Playing a special role in the soul of St. Pierre for more than 350 years, the Depaz Estate is located in the Northwest region of Martinique, at the foot of the island's highest mountain, Mount Pelée. In 1902, Mount Pelée delivered a devastating volcanic eruption which impassioned Victor Depaz, the sole surviving family member, to ultimately return to the Estate in 1917 to successfully rebuild the Depaz Chateau and the agricultural distillery. It's these volcanic ashes that today continue to fuel the rich development and production of the special blue cane that permeates Depaz with its "explosive" taste and character.

French AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) Designation

This official seal of quality confirms you are enjoying a product of the highest order, derived from 100% cane juice, aged in oak casks. Additionally, this special designation defines important quality standards for a range of issues, such as the sugar cane fields themselves, cane variety, juice extraction, production facilities, and the fermenting, distilling, storage and aging processes. Nothing is or can be added to an AOC designated rum agricole like Depaz, such as coloring or flavors. And, to further intensify the natural flavors the blue cane of Depaz imparts, only oak barrel aging is permitted. Depaz Rum is aged in special small, charred oak casks, which impart attractive barrel wood and mountain air aromas into the finished product. The result is a remarkable depth of flavor and aroma, which offers the senses a smooth, flavorful, refined elegance.

Depaz - The Perfect Cocktail Rhum

For hundreds of years the respected Depaz name has been rewarding palettes and making friends with its special award winning offerings. Awards range from the more sentimental, such as those won by Depaz in Marseilles in 1922, 1927 & 1931 subsequent to the 1902 Mt. Pelée eruption and restoration of the distillery and the the latest Gold medal awarded to Depaz Blue Cane Amber Rhum, in March of 2006, at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.