Depaz Blue Cane Rhum

[Part One]

SOURCE: The Depaz Rhum Chateau & Estate, French West Indies, Isle of Martinique.

PRODUCTION PROCESS: Exclusively rhum agricole production. Note: "agricultural" production only represents 3% of the world's rhum.

SIGNATURE INGREDIENT: Highest quality estate-produced fresh cut blue cane sugar cane - 100% sugar cane juice.

PROOF: 90 proof (ALC. 45% BY VOL)

BOTTLE & PACKAGING: Liter, 750 ml, 50 ml.

ACCOLADES: French AOC (Appellation d'Origine Controlee) designation, confirming the brand's adherence to precise standards of excellence focusing on quality development and production standards, dictating no coloring or flavoring and only oak aging.

Depaz received its most memorable medals in Marseilles in 1922, 1927, and 1931, the first following the devastation surrounding Mount Pelee's eruption.

Most recently, Depaz received the Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2006.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Discriminating consumers looking to be enchanted by a luxury rhum agricole, cocktail connoisseurs on a quest for the ultimate cocktail creation, bar chefs who seek the perfect rhum to deliver depth flavor and standout character.

TASTING NOTES: Amber hued, delivering a superb flora nose and a smooth, flavorful character. Fully maturing in select oak casks allows Depaz to capitalize on the exclusive use of luxurious blue cane, yielding a significantly smoother, more complex offering.

US IMPORTER & GLOBAL MARKETING PARTNER: The Kobrand Corporation, New York, NY.

PRICE POINT: $42.00 USD (750 ml).

AVAILABILITY: New York City, Aspen, Miami, June 2006. Immediately thereafter, high-end cocktail, lounge and restaurant markets such as San Francisco and Dallas.